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  • Health and Wellbeing Expo

    The guest seat at the Outside Broadcast from the Health and Wellbeing Expo on Saturday turned out to be a very popular spot, with the opportunity for seven very interesting interviews. Hypnotherapist, Justine, got things started then our old friend Judy Clarke from Wallan Home Harvest, Pam from Greyhound Adoption and the Mitchell Dog Walking Group, Joanne from Nexus, Annette from Look Good Feel Good, Constable Rachael from Wallan Police and Gordon from Mitchell Suicide Prevention Network.

     March 05, 2016


    "From the time I was 12 years of age, I started delivering the 'local' paper...." So starts the story of Eric McDonald's
    memoirs of The Broadford Courier. OKR is working on a series of short episodes telling the story of this newspaper
    and Jack did a great job of recording the opening for one of the episodes. Ellie and Dean have been busy searching
    for sound effects of type setting and paper sheets passing through the roller press to go with the episodes dealing
    with the three printing presses [housed at the Courier office]. We hope to have at least two episodes ready to be
    played during Victorian History Week, October 13th to 20th.

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