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    The Association of Motoring Clubs had their Vehicle Display at the Racing Complex on Sunday. The event was in celebration of National Motoring Heritage Day and there was a very impressive line up of cars and trucks from many different eras. One of the organisers - Graham, came into the Studio with Roger for an on air chat during

    Sunday Lunch Break and Mark recorded an onsite interview. It was also good to catch up with members of the  Wandong/Wallan Lions who were sizzling the sausages. A big thankyou to AOMC for the donation they made to OKR.

     May 20, 2018


    Host to guest to singer in a few hours  On Friday, Ellie went from host of 'Girl Power' to guest  and live‐to‐air singer during 'Turn it up' with Ben.  It was another excellent performance and Ben makes a  very entertaining and confident Presenter. 'Turn it up'  can be heard on every second Friday at 4pm after 'Feel  good Friday' with our other Ben.  

     August 23, 2017


    Our thanks to Tanya from Mitchell Libraries and the Communications  Team at the Shire for their help preparing the main Flyer for Stories and  Sounds. It is likely to show up on the CBF and CBAA facebook pages  sometime soon and is already on ours. We should have three sample  stories available soon and remind Presenters to encourage listeners to  start work on their stories.  

     August 22, 2017


    An exciting game between Kilmore and Reservoir  made for a very entertaining broadcast of the last  roster game for this season. David did a good job of  trying to contain the enthusiasm of Wally and Riley as  Kilmore moved to a big win. The gusty conditions and  pressure of the game inspired some interesting description of several  goals including a 'Maradona goal' and a 'Shane Warne goal'.   Depending on the calculations of results from Saturday's RDFNL games, we may broadcast a finals game if  Wallan is playing.  

     August 21, 2017

  • The Mayor And Youth Mayor On Monday Monthly

    It was a first for Monday Monthly last week with both  the Mayor and Youth Mayor as guests, and the CEO of  course. It was a good opportunity to hear about the  behind‐the‐scenes activities of Youth Council, including  the training, guest speakers and the two‐way exchange  of information and feedback with the senior  Council. We pitched a proposal to the Youth Council to  work with them on a project to be possibly called ‐  "Serious about litter".  In the second half hour it was great to talk Libraries with Paula and Tanya and to find out about even more  things the Libraries were doing and planning to do.  

     July 30, 2017

  • National Tree Day

    Tree Day in Kilmore this year was focused on the Kilmore  Creek banks with three sites between Union St and Mill St.  Special weed matting had been spread out and grass and  plants were planted into slots in the mat. It was great to  have a group of students from TKIS and a few other  volunteers. We have roving reports recorded with Viviana  from the Shire, Karen from TKIS and Erin who was there  with her Mum and sister. Back at the Studio, John had  prepared a special edition of his show, featuring close to  20 songs about trees.  

     July 30, 2017

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