Millennium Signature Series*


Time:4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Hosted By: Declan

Described in 3 Words:21st century bangers

About The Show

Every fortnight (modern video game), Millennium Signature Series brings you an hour-long slice of the best of the 21st century.  Every song featured was released, usually written and recorded, after the start of Y2K.  Often, songs will play on the show hours after being released and I hear it for the first time with everyone else.  Music never died - expand your horizons from the S.A.W. pop of 80s throwbacks and come back to the future.  After all, the sooner you hear it, the better your odds of liking it before it was cool.

The track lists tend to feature a mix of my favourite artists and mysterious new releases via Bandcamp.  I follow Jack Stauber and Hot Dad, and I play their newest tracks as often as I can.  Usually, I'll bend the rules and throw in a recent cover of a well-known older song in a segment called The Reworks, because I like to see how modern sensibilities influence the classics.  Most importantly, all featured songs are great and you are very smart for enjoying them.  Twitter pundits worldwide agree that liking Millennium Signature Series is a substitute for a personality.

*Millennium Signature Series alternates with Turn It Up in the Friday 4-5 PM timeslot.