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    "From the time I was 12 years of age, I started delivering the 'local' paper...." So starts the story of Eric McDonald's memoirs of The Broadford Courier. OKR is working on a series of short episodes telling the story of this newspaper and Jack did a great job of recording the opening for one of the episodes. Ellie and Dean have been busy searching for sound effects of type setting and paper sheets passing through the roller press to go with the episodes dealing with the three printing presses [housed at the Courier office]. We hope to have at least two episodes ready to be played during Victorian History Week, October 13th to 20th.

     August 23, 2019


    As an alternative to a visit to our Studio by the Kilmore Girl Guides, we offered to go to them instead. After setting up a mini Studio at one end of the Guide/Scout Hall we used the around the ground Footy transmitter for them to be radio listeners at the other end of the Hall tuned to 89.2. The girls and leaders were excellent, confident interview guests and Mark and Dean learned a lot from them in the process. Earlier in the day at the Broadford Monthly session, Peter Mitchell from the Broadford Land Management Group spoke about the groups activities and particularly about the Colin Officer Flora Reserve in Broadford.

     August 23, 2019


    With the increasing complexity and ongoing changes in the health scene it was a very timely visit from Suzanne Miller, CEO of Nexus Primary Health. Not only does Nexus continually expand and offer more services but it's involvement with other local Health Services and Hospitals in the Community Interlink Partnership is a very valuable resource for local residents, especially at the moment with new processes and programs for the elderly which make having a local organization to turn to for help a big advantage.

     September 10, 2018


    It was ideal weather for the bargain hunters picking up their maps at Hudson Park for the Kilmore Community Centre Town Garage Sale.We have an interview with Megan, one of the organisers of the event and she was quite pleased with the day. It was also a good opportunity to discuss the need for a larger Community Centre for the Town as the current small building does limit what can be done. By coincidence Councillors Atkinson and Humm were holding one of the 'drop in' sessions for next year's Council Budget ideas so the timing was excellent to pass on the message.

     September 10, 2018


    It was a big first week for Wallan Walk-in with great morning sessions from the Wallan Studio and amazing afternoon shows from the School Library. The six guests were from the School Production of Annie coming up in late August and the enthusiasm of these cast members is certainly an indication that it will be a very entertaining show. Ariah and Madi, our very professional coordinators hosted interviews with Charlotte one of last year's School Captain and then with Angelica and Thomas talking about Youth Council. Mr Howley and Mr S were their usual crazy selves and a big thanks to Dean, Ellie and all the students and staff who took part in week one. 

     June 08, 2018


    This week is National Volunteer Week and we have several different audio segments that can be used during shows. There are three short grabs with Adrienne Picone, CEO of Volunteering Australia that are in the CSA's folder and are numbered 1 to 3. They can be played separately or one straight after the other as they are quite short. Mark recorded an interview with Kay and Anne from the Hospital Auxiliary as they were packing up the Cake Stall on Friday and this is in the Roving Reports folder. We also have the five episodes of our Volunteering Project - 'My Other Job' in the Radio Series folder.

     May 25, 2018

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