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  • Wallan Joins In

    Deep and Tina from Wallan U3A joined co‐host Paul, President  of Kilmore and District U3A, as guests for our regular U3A  session last Monday. Wallan U3A is relatively new, but growing  fast. They offer several courses not offered by Kilmore and  members of one group can become associate members of the  other to access a wider variety of courses. It is likely that  members of Wallan U3A will now be included in the roster for  guests for the third Monday of the month sessions

     April 24, 2017

  • JMC to the rescue… again

    On very rare occasions, none of our three Techs, Lewy, Ellie and Connor are available for an OB or local  Footy broadcast and Saturday was one such day. Fortunately, we have been able to contact JMC Academy  when this happens and ask for their help. JMC in Victoria is based in South Melbourne and offers Degree  and Diploma courses in such things as ‐ Animation, Audio Engineering, Sound Production, Contemporary  Music and more. Both Lewy and Ellie are graduates of JMC. Our thanks  to Rob Care ‐ Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at JMC  and to David Aird who was our Tech for the day and coincidentally only  lives walking distance from our Studio

     April 24, 2017

  • Positive Ageing Ambassadors Get To Work

    Roger and the other six Positive Ageing Ambassadors for Mitchell Shire has their first training sessions last week and got to know eachother better. They certainly have a challenging job and it will be very interesting to see what projects evolve once they get started. OKR has offered to provide any assistance we can for the ambassadors.

     March 31, 2017

  • Wallan Cemetery Tour

    Kilmore Historical Society had a very pleasing response for their Wallan Cemetery Tour on Saturday Afternoon. The Society had done a great deal of research and were able to provide very interesting stories for the graves they had chosen to highlight. We have recordings with Francis, President of the KHS done after the tour, which should be available for listeners during the week.

     March 31, 2017

  • Production Studio Update

    It was a very busy week for Greg, coordinating the electrician and plasterers, and doing much of the work himself. We are now ready to start applying the carpet tiles to the wall and will also trial the section of carpet tiles in the main studio to try and improve the acoustics when there are multiple guests. The next big job will be to move the main studio desk back and provide more space for guess, but this will be a little while off, as more preparation is required.

     March 16, 2017

  • SCMA Conference Report

    There were some very useful sessions at the Southern Community Media Assosiation Conference in Wagga over the weekend. Especially valuable for us were the workshops on production, copyrighting, getting music, and business planning. We have three more Finalists Certificates to go on the wall - Sponsorship message: Mitre 10, OB: St Pats Fete, Interview: Council Roads Discussion - but unfortunatley no more X-Awards for the trophy shelf. Competition was very intense with an outstanding singing sponsorship announcement for Bushmans Bread winning in that catergory. Once again it was a good opportunity to catch up with people from other stations and to browse the trade displays.

     March 16, 2017

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