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  • Mandy McCracken On Rambles

    This week's guest on Rambles was Mandy McCracken. In addition to her own amazing story of coping with the loss of her lower arms and legs, she was able to tell of some of the advances in prosthetics she has been able to experience and, more recently, her work helping Prosthetic and Orthotic students at Latrobe University with their studies and practical sessions. Mandy highlighted the importance of her husband and family during her recovery and she is now working on a project to help other people facing the same circumstances.

     July 14, 2017

  • Music And Theatre Workshops At Wallan

    Wallan Neighbourhood House was a busy centre for music, singing and drama sessions last week as part of a school holiday project supported by MCRAG and the Community Bank. Mark called in on Wednesday and recorded an interview with Dominie the Coordinator, as well as catching some of a junior guitar session at work. Dominie was very pleased that all sessions had been fully booked and was grateful to the instructors for each of the sessions. 

    Ellie called in again on Friday for a final catch up with Dominie during the performances and recorded a sample from the African Drumming group.

     July 14, 2017


    Local Photographer, Anna Barry will be helping out with a photo shoot at Kilmore Library on Tuesday morning to provide some photos for posters, Facebook and newspaper items for the Stories and Sounds Project that will be launched later this month. We will set up a recording booth similar to what will happen during the project and it will be a good chance to test the acoustics in the John Taylor room.

     July 14, 2017

  • 21st Kilmore Celtic Festival

    There have been great reports about the 21st Festival and John and Mark were able to join the enthusiastic audience in

    the Memorial Hall for the Saturday Night Concert. Saoirse opened with some great harmonies then first timers at the Festival,

    the Old Melbourne Road Band picked up the tempo and the volume and certainly earned a return visit for more.

    Claymore rounded out the night in their usual great style. How many Celtic Bands include a Didgeridoo and have band members

    that can all expertly play multiple instruments.

     June 27, 2017


    The second major project is a series of short episodes on gardening, from dirty hands to pruning, sustainability and the health aspects of working in the garden.

    We hope to collaborate with many partners on this project including Wallan Home Harvest, Pretty Sally Garden Club, U3A Garden Group and the Broadford Living and Learning Centre.

    This will be a project where episodes are produced year round, depending on the seasons and what is happening in the gardens.

     June 26, 2017

  • Marilyn Sits in for Monday Monthly

    With Roger busy in his Positive Ageing Ambassadors role, another of the participants in our U3A Radio sessions cohosted Monday Monthly with Mark last Monday. Joining the Mayor and CEO was Cr Bill Chisholm and in the second  half hour, Elke Tapley the Local Laws Co‚Äźordinator. Thanks Marilyn

     May 31, 2017

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