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    Local Photographer, Anna Barry will be helping out with a photo shoot at Kilmore Library on Tuesday morning to provide some photos for posters, Facebook and newspaper items for the Stories and Sounds Project that will be launched later this month. We will set up a recording booth similar to what will happen during the project and it will be a good chance to test the acoustics in the John Taylor room.

     July 14, 2017

  • 21st Kilmore Celtic Festival

    There have been great reports about the 21st Festival and John and Mark were able to join the enthusiastic audience in

    the Memorial Hall for the Saturday Night Concert. Saoirse opened with some great harmonies then first timers at the Festival,

    the Old Melbourne Road Band picked up the tempo and the volume and certainly earned a return visit for more.

    Claymore rounded out the night in their usual great style. How many Celtic Bands include a Didgeridoo and have band members

    that can all expertly play multiple instruments.

     June 27, 2017


    The second major project is a series of short episodes on gardening, from dirty hands to pruning, sustainability and the health aspects of working in the garden.

    We hope to collaborate with many partners on this project including Wallan Home Harvest, Pretty Sally Garden Club, U3A Garden Group and the Broadford Living and Learning Centre.

    This will be a project where episodes are produced year round, depending on the seasons and what is happening in the gardens.

     June 26, 2017

  • Marilyn Sits in for Monday Monthly

    With Roger busy in his Positive Ageing Ambassadors role, another of the participants in our U3A Radio sessions cohosted Monday Monthly with Mark last Monday. Joining the Mayor and CEO was Cr Bill Chisholm and in the second  half hour, Elke Tapley the Local Laws Co‚Äźordinator. Thanks Marilyn

     May 31, 2017

  • Community Broadcasting welcomes Federal Government's Funding increase by $6.1m o

    In an interview last week on Melbourne community radio station 89.9 LightFM, Minister for Communications, Mitch Fifield, announced additional targeted funding for digital radio ($1.9m in 2017/18 and $2m in 2018/19) and a further $2.2m focused on support for stations affected by the reorganisation of the 803-960 MHz radio frequency band. While digital funding is essentially for major city stations at the moment, the extra funding keeps community radio in touch with the gradual roll out of Digial Radio which one day will reach rural and regional stations.

     May 12, 2017

  • Wallan Walk-in Off to a Great Start...

    This years Wallan Walk-in got underway on Tuesday Morning with our Co-Coordinators Ariah and Madi hosting the 7am session. Mr Howley called in briefly, before heading off to Melbourne and another School project. and on Wednesday Lee co-hosted with the girls for his third year participating in the Wallan Walk-in project. The afternoon sessions from the School Library are proving to be a big success and next weeks sessions have had to be split into half hours for some timeslots. Being on air from a busy location at the School has allowed many more students to see and ehar what is going on. Thanks to the Principle Ms Lasslett, School Captains Kyle and Charlotte for their interview session and special thanks to the IT Tech Team for helping Ellie get some initial issues sorted out and Lisa the School Librarian whose desk we have taken over. This weeks sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday 7am-8am from the Wallan Studio and 4pm to 6pm from the School Library on both days.

     May 07, 2017

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