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  • MCRAG Grant Successful

    Our grand application to the Mitchell Community Resources and Advocacy Group better known as MCRAG has been successful. We will be aiming to produce a series of short radio episodes about taking on and overcoming challenges. Hopefully the first episode about the Stained Glass Window at Clonbinane Hall can be recorded when we go to their market on March 4th. Thanks MCRAG.

     February 24, 2017

  • TKIS Back On Air

    A very multicultural group made up of Dao, Katherine and Naho had their first on air session with Ellie last Friday afternoon. The girls come from Japan, Thailand and China and, from listening to the first session, sound like they will provide very interesting and entertaining radio, not to mention some different music as well. Welcome to OKR girls!

     February 21, 2017

  • Robots Try The Obstacle Course At The Library

    One of the current series of Robotics Workshops took place in the John Taylor room at Kilmore Library on Thursday Afternoon. The participants had previously prepared code for their Robots and it was time to put them to the test. We are able to get recordings from some of the Mums who loved the project, one of the participants who could be dragged away briefly from all the activity and Tanya the Project Coordinator. We recieved a great letter of support from the Libraries to include with our Grant Application from the top secret project we are working on with them.

     February 19, 2017

  • U3A Sessions get started...and homework already!

    The first two sessions of our U3A Radio course were held at 11am and 2pm on Wednesday and went  extremely well. All the participants are now comfortable in the Studio environment and there were early  signs of some very entertaining and informative conversations to come. The participants were happy to  support the 'No Throw Zone' concept advocated by Roger and Julian and our efforts to reduce roadside  litter and illegal dumping. We have homework to do before the next sessions on how the community might  assist with a Kilmore Creek clean up and what regulations and guidelines need to be considered before  anything could be done.  

     February 12, 2017

  • Health and Wellbeing Expo

    The guest seat at the Outside Broadcast from the Health and Wellbeing Expo on Saturday turned out to be a very popular spot, with the opportunity for seven very interesting interviews. Hypnotherapist, Justine, got things started then our old friend Judy Clarke from Wallan Home Harvest, Pam from Greyhound Adoption and the Mitchell Dog Walking Group, Joanne from Nexus, Annette from Look Good Feel Good, Constable Rachael from Wallan Police and Gordon from Mitchell Suicide Prevention Network.

     March 05, 2016

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